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10 Companies Using AI for Customer Service (And Thriving)

by Maryia Fokina·Updated
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In today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, customer service has become a critical battleground for companies aiming to stand out.

And as consumer expectations continue to grow, innovative companies using AI for customer service are on top of this game.

From personalized interactions to seamless problem resolution, these businesses are not only surviving in the current harsh market, but also thriving in this environment. 

Read on to find out how they do it.

In this article:

Explore how to grow your business with AI customer service

First things first—

Let’s explore the ways businesses can leverage AI to reach their full potential.

How to use AI in business

Businesses are increasingly leveraging AI to enhance customer interactions, reduce response times and increase efficiency. 

Gartner predicts that by 2025, 80% of customer interactions will involve AI. AI also enables highly personalized experiences, with 62% of customers preferring bots over waiting for a human agent.

Moreover, 83% of companies report that AI improves customer assistance quality, leading to increased satisfaction and revenue.

But how exactly can businesses incorporate AI into their work? 

Here are some examples that seem to work best for companies using AI in customer service:

AI chatbots for customer service

Fast, efficient, and always learning—that’s how modern chatbots can be described. AI chatbots save businesses money and time, allowing them to rest assured that each customer receives a timely and relevant response. How does it look in practice?

For instance, Tidio’s AI chatbot Lyro allows to automate up to 70% of customer inquiries. It significantly reduces support expenses, cuts down average response times by 90%, and notably enhances customer experience and satisfaction levels.

Automated helpdesk

An AI help desk can enhance your customer experience as well as make the work of your customer service team easier. In fact, according to statistics, as many as 91% of support agents think a help desk system boosts their productivity by default. 

With powerful automations in place, queries can be managed and resolved systematically, which leads to higher productivity and better customer experience. And with AI-powered ticketing system features, you can automatically assign tickets to the most appropriate agent based on their expertise and workload. 

Live chat and chatbots combined

Leveraging chatbots doesn’t mean giving up on human support altogether. At the end of the day, no one gets humans better than other humans. 

The recipe for success here is combining various chatbot types and live chat app with the work of trained support agents. Like this, you can smooth out the interactions and gain valuable insights about your clients on autopilot. As a result, your customer support agents can focus on particular cases that require a human level of empathy and attention, while chatbots take care of the rest. 

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You can use one of these AI applications or combine a few for better results. But it might be easier to first check out how other businesses do it.

Companies using AI for customer service

Let’s take a look at some of the companies that successfully use AI customer support software to their advantage.


Being a multi-brand eyewear ecommerce platform, eye-oo cannot overlook quality customer service. The company offers models from popular fashion brands as well as designer eye-wear, including hand-made limited edition pieces. It’s crucial for the brand to ensure exceptional quality craftsmanship, due care, and accuracy in all processes. 

That’s where AI has come to help. The company is using a complete customer experience solution provided by Tidio, which lets them collect leads, increase sales, and build trust with customers. 


Key objectives:

The company was looking to slash its average response time and reduce the load of frequently asked questions requiring a lot of time from support agents. The brand’s strategy was to implement automation without losing the personalization and unique customer experience.

Currently, eye-oo makes use of plenty of powerful AI features in Tidio. For instance, they implemented shopping cart recovery tools, which allowed them to have a 25% increase in sales and x5 boost in conversions. 


  • eye-oo achieved a 25% increase in sales and x5 boost in conversions
  • Tidio and AI-attributed revenue amounted to €177K
  • The company achieved a whopping 86% decrease in waiting times, slashing the waiting time from 5 minutes to 30 seconds
  • From 2,233 total support conversations, chatbots were able to handle 1,825 successfully while acquiring 1,305 leads at the same time

Since changing to Tidio and implementing the cart abandonment chatbot, we were able to increase the number of conversions. From the 537 conversations the bot managed, it assisted in 1.6k EUR total sales in 2023 alone.

Evelin Lopez

Marketing Manager at eye-oo

Read more: Check out the full eye-oo case-study to learn more about eye-oo and their use of conversational AI for customer service.


H&M, a well-known retail giant, has been successfully using AI for customer service for a while now, and rightfully so. Their customer service chatbots have proven themselves to be exceptionally useful when it comes to retail. The AI assists with product information, sizing, availability, delivery options, refunds, and more. 

hm ai customer service

Key objectives:

H&M wanted a user-friendly chatbot that would offer round-the-clock support. They introduced one called H&M Virtual Assistant. It serves as a personal shopping assistant, giving advice on sizing and personalized outfit suggestions. It’s also optimized to address customer questions regarding returns, store whereabouts, and operating times. 

How does H&M’s virtual shopping assistant cater to customers’ tastes? The chatbot engages users by posing a series of questions to grasp their style preferences, and adds images of clothes to help users with their style-related queries. The chatbot also gives an option to browse pre-existing outfits and choose which ones the user loves the most by giving a like. 


  • H&M’s use of generative AI has made it significantly easier for shoppers to browse for clothing and accessories online
  • The generative AI chatbot on their website has slashed response times by an impressive 70% compared to human agents
  • In the mobile app, shoppers can also enjoy voice search through an AI-powered generative voice assistant
  • Relying on AI has allowed H&M to give customers a more efficient and pleasant shopping experience while greatly reducing the load on the customer support team

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Bella Santé

Bella Santé is a business offering med spa services and since its establishment in 1996, it has become the most awarded day spa in the Greater Boston area. 

As the number of people seeking the beauty service increased, the need for an efficient customer support ecosystem became evident. The company was looking to switch from a classic call center to an automated tool that would assist customers in real time. So, the brand decided to add Tidio support ecosystem on top of its existing contact center to modernize customer service.

bella sante ai customer service

Key objectives:

It’s true that many people nowadays are reluctant to interact with call centers and prefer to find information themselves on the website. So, Bella Santé was looking to automate its customer service using a combination of live chat and FAQ chatbots. This would allow customers to easily get answers to FAQs and access the knowledge base without the need to make calls. 

Bella Santé also wanted to boost leads as well as loyalty, and increase sales while personalizing customer experience. The great news is that all of this worked. 


  • With the help of AI, Bella Santé managed to reach $66,000 in sales
  • Lyro allowed the company to automate a whopping 75% of customer conversations
  • Within six months since adding Tidio, the company gathered 450+ new leads using the pre-chat survey
  • Tidio helped to personalize customer experience online ensuring each customer is satisfied and notyfing the human agents to step in just in time when the client is struggling to make a decision

“I love the data and I love the self-learning kind of aspect of Lyro. We've been able to pull hundreds of questions from our FAQ and continue to have Lyro learn from that information.

Jackelyn Dacanay

Marketing Director at Bella Santé

Read more: Discover the Bella Santé case-study to explore in depth the impact AI has made on the business.

Wulff Beltton

Wullf Beltton specializes in products and services for workspaces, ranging from office furniture to products for the construction industry. In fact, the company is Sweden’s largest supplier of phone booths. The products are often very technical and have to follow strict parameters, hence, customers often have questions and requests. 

The company noticed that clients were seeking quicker responses and a highly personalized experience. So, it became evident that the brand needs to incorporate AI customer service software into their operations. After comparing solutions on the market, Wullf Beltton opted for Tidio.

wulff beltton ai customer service

Key objectives:

The company’s primary aim was to increase sales and collect more leads in an efficient way. The business wanted to introduce automated customer service, balancing a live chat functionality with chatbots in order to offer the smoothest experience for the visitor. 

On top of that, Wullf Beltton wanted to have a reliable notification system in place together with a user-friendly interface and ease of use for the support team. That’s how they ended up using Tidio. 


  • With a combination of chatbots and live chat, Beltton scored 705 leads in the first 12 months of use
  • Customer satisfaction has also improved reaching a rating of 4.5/5⭐
  • The company makes full use of Tidio’s chatbot builder feature, enjoying the user-friendly interface and customization possibilities

Integrating automation into our customer service with Tidio has been transformative

Isabelle Wålinder Isovic

Inbound Marketing Specialist at Wulff Beltton

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AirHelp is a globally recognized service for assisting airline passengers with canceled, overbooked, or delayed flights. It has helped more than 16 million passengers get compensation for issues with airlines. 

With a constant flow of messages, AirHelp has to use multiple communication channels, replying in real-time at scale. Without automation, it’s practically impossible to gather and prioritize so many tickets at the same time. So, AIrHelp is inevitably one of the companies using AI for customer service. 

airhelp ai customer service

Key objectives:

AirHelp needed a solution that would collect requests, assign them to agents, and prioritize tickets based on urgency. Chatbots take the responsibility of being the first point of contact for thousands of customers, while the human agents take care of more complex requests. 

Given the nature of the service, most customers contacting AirHelp are pretty stressed out as they are experiencing problems with their flight. Understandably, they expect an immediate response and assistance.


  • The AirHelp chatbot managed to improve the average response time by up to 65%
  • The AI technology monitors AirHelp’s social media channels, watching over pages in 16 languages to alert the customer support team of any potential risk-prone terms and conversations
  • AI customer service allows to handle complex queries in real-time, assign them to support agents, and never keep stressed-out customers waiting

It’s revolutionized how our agents work, making it easier to assist more customers in less time—even as our ticket volume continues to climb.

Małgorzata Miąsik

Operations Center Director at AirHelp

Skyrocket your business by leveraging AI customer service

ADT Security Service

American District Telegraph (ADT) Security Service is part of Johnson Controls, a leading global technology multi-industry group. Now, ADT Security Services is the global leader in security services, keeping assets, businesses, and belongings safe. 

Clients trust the company with the most important assets, hence, quality customer service is crucial to build trust and show users that the business cares about them.

adt ai customer service

Key objectives:

ADT Security Services felt the need to speed up the response times, improve customer satisfaction, and increase retention. The company has tried some AI tools before, but never found anything that would satisfy their expectations. 

The brand was looking for something with affordable pricing options, dedicated support, and easy installation process as well as robust functionality. And that’s how they chose Tidio—specifically the Tidio+ plan that allows them to enjoy simplified chat workflows, lower costs per chat, and personalized support among other things. 


  • ADT Security gained more control over their workflow and achieved a whopping 30% increase in customer satisfaction
  • The business improved their number of handled conversations by 45% while lowering the quantity of missed conversations by 74%
  • ADT Security Services increased conversions from 44% to 61%
  • The company’s average response time decreased by almost 22%, dropping from 4 minutes 34 seconds to the average of 3 minutes 34 seconds

In terms of flexibility, with Tidio, I have more specialized attention from the specialist chat, more control over the workflow, and more control over the client support filters.

Cristina Verges Martinez

SEO specialist


Endeksa is a predictive real estate data analytics and insights platform that operates in Turkey, Spain, and Portugal. With a user base of over 300,000 and over 5 million successful e-valuations, Endeksa analyzes properties based on variables, such as location and structural features. This software utilizes machine learning, big data analysis, and AI to predict how long it will take to sell the house and at what price. 

To thrive in the competitive and highly digitalized real estate market, using AI for customer service becomes a must. That’s how Endeksa decided to implement customer service automation.

endeksa ai customer service

Key objectives:

Endeksa was overwhelmed by endless incoming phone calls. They needed an all-in-one platform to manage communication with their growing customer base. 

The company was looking for a good value proposition—something affordable but with a broad and flexible functionality. The end goal was boosting lead generation while saving time by setting up customer service automation.


  • Endeksa slashed waiting time by an impressive 59% by using an automated ticketing system with smart routing and prioritization
  • The company achieved a whopping 138% increase in leads 
  • Endeksa’s chatbot reached a helpfulness rate of up to 88%, with the overall increase in customer satisfaction of over 10%

We needed the most sustainable and efficient way to manage the traffic and improve customer satisfaction. So we implemented Tidio chatbot technology.

Görkem Öğüt

CEO & Founding Partner of Endeksa

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ING, the renowned bank of Dutch origin, has been on the forefront of AI customer service usage in the finance industry since 2017. The banking industry requires a lot of precision when it comes to customer communication, so speedy responses and quality assistance have always been a priority. Luckily, those are made possible by AI, which is proven by ING’s consistent chatbot employment. 

The bank has different chatbots for different markets, like the Australian Lionel, the Belgian Marie, the Dutch Inge and the wholesale banking chatbot Bill. And they all use Natural Language Processing (NLP) to understand the customers’ needs better.

ing ai customer service

Key objectives: 

ING implemented its solutions on Meta Messenger, which was a strategic move to let customers access the bot quickly and easily without logging into their bank account. 

The bank needed speed, scalability, data-driven knowledge and human-like qualities like empathy. It seems like AI has helped them to achieve it all. 


  • By using Meta’s Messenger, ING managed to significantly increase the accessibility and reach, which led to more conversations handled and better customer satisfaction
  • The chatbot allowed customer self-service for tasks like checking their balance, making a deposit, or getting an answer to their question 
  • AI enabled 24/7 support so customers can contact the bank on weekends and holidays
  • ING was also the first bank to implement voice technology in its processes, allowing customers to use their voice to log in and access certain functionalities

A cheaper-to-operate but expected level of customer service leads to high customer satisfaction, which leads to loyalty and ultimately higher revenues.

Peter Netusil

expert in Machine Learning at ING Belgium

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Suitor is an Australian suit and tuxedo rental company. Starting in the founder’s garage, it grew to a multi-million dollar business going around the world with exceptional quality suits and easy accessibility for customers. 

With a global business comes a lot of popularity and, consequently, a lot of customers in need of assistance. That’s how Suitor started searching for an AI customer service solution and decided to stick with Tidio’s conversational AI, Lyro.

suitor ai customer service

Key objectives: 

Suitor was struggling with a growing number of customer issues and requests. And even with a dedicated FAQ section on the website, the founders were spending hours replying to common questions. That’s when they realized it was time to implement smart software that would answer those questions in real time without requiring human agents to step in. 

The business required the tool to have an easy interface, flexibility, and to be able to train it easily. Lyro scored all those boxes. 


  • Suitor managed to automate a whopping 85% of its customer service, which means that most of the queries are now taken care of by the retail chatbot
  • The average response time decreased from 3 minutes to just 15 seconds for live chat and a whopping 6 seconds for conversational AI
  • On average, only 24% of queries are transferred to support agents

I’m so much happier because we can trust that the customer service is being taken care of by the chatbot.

Daniel Reid

Co-founder and CEO of Suitor

Read more: Discover the whole journey of Suitor with Tidio in our case study. 


Procosmet is an Italian company specializing in haircare and beauty treatment products for all needs. The company was born out of the idea to take hair treatment to the next level in beauty salons, both in Italy and worldwide. Procosmet puts sustainability, ethics, and well-being as their priority. It tries to refine their customer experience with every client interaction.

This goal cannot do without excellent customer service. That’s why Procosmet decided to implement live chat with automated chatbots

procosmet ai customer service

Key objectives: 

Procosmet was growing fast, and it was becoming hard to manage orders—canceling, modifying, and issuing refunds was taking too much time. The company needed an AI boost to their customer service operations in order to increase customer satisfaction, reduce waiting times, and help with closing more sales. 

That’s why they came to implement Tidio+ on their website. And the results speak for themselves.


  • Procosmet saw an increase in sales by a whopping 23% by setting up only the baseline activities at Tidio
  • The number of leads increased to over 100 prospects monthly with an 18-22% email open rate
  • With the newsletter chatbot and Tidio’s email marketing services, Procosmet achieved, just out of a one-off campaign, a ROI of over a 1000 EUR
  • In addition, with Tidio, Procosmet increased their rating from 3.8 ⭐️ to 4.7/5 ⭐️ based on 704 customer feedback collected

Our goal has always been to develop a healthy community and thanks to Tidio, we are getting closer, enriching our databases with healthy and interested new contacts, every day.

Gabriele Scarcella

Ecommerce Manager at Procosmet

Read more: Learn more about Procosmet’s journey with Tidio in our case study.

Let’s now revise the benefits that companies using AI for customer service experience.

How can AI help businesses grow?

What are the most notable advantages of introducing AI to your business? No doubt, there are plenty! Check out the most prominent ones below.

AI-powered customer support

Implementing NLP chatbots and virtual assistants allows handling customer inquiries and support tickets efficiently. These tools can provide instant responses and 24/7 assistance, which helps to improve customer satisfaction by reducing wait times and resolving issues promptly.

Personalized customer interactions

Utilizing AI to analyze customer data and provide personalized assistance can help increase brand loyalty and enhance customer experience. For instance, AI algorithms can segment customers based on preferences or past interactions, enabling businesses to tailor communication and product recommendations to individual needs.

Automated service processes

Streamlining service processes with AI automation, such as automated ticket routing or issue escalation allows businesses to always be on top of their customer communication. By automating repetitive tasks, businesses can improve service efficiency, reduce manual errors, and ensure consistent service quality.

Predictive support

Leveraging AI-driven predictive analytics helps companies study customer behavior, anticipate client needs, and proactively address potential issues before they arise. For example, predictive models can identify patterns indicating potential product defects, allowing businesses to issue recalls or provide proactive customer support.

Learning from companies that use AI in customer service

In conclusion, the success stories of the ten companies showcased in this article underscore the transformative power of AI in customer service. By leveraging AI-driven solutions, these businesses have not only enhanced customer experiences but grown their revenues and improved customer retention as well as loyalty. 

These experiences serve as evidence of AI’s ability to streamline operations, personalize interactions, and extract actionable insights from data. As businesses navigate the evolving landscape of customer service, using AI technologies becomes a strategic move for staying competitive and thriving in the digital age.

Your company is no exception. Why not give AI a chance today?

Discover how to use AI to grow your business

Using AI for customer service: FAQs

What is AI-powered customer support?

AI-powered customer support refers to the use of artificial intelligence technologies, such as chatbots, natural language processing (NLP), and machine learning, to automate and enhance customer communication. These systems can handle various customer inquiries, provide instant responses, and learn from past interactions to improve accuracy over time.

How many companies use AI for customer service?

According to statistics, more than 73% of companies use or plan to use AI-powered customer service, and this number is growing. The growing interest is explained by the ever-improving technology and the efficiency and productivity that AI brings to businesses.

How can AI benefit customer support operations?

AI can benefit customer support operations in several ways. It can automate routine tasks, such as answering FAQs and processing simple transactions, reducing the workload on human agents. The technology also allows businesses to provide 24/7 support, improve response times, and deliver personalized assistance based on individual customer’s preferences or behavior.

Will AI replace human customer support agents?

While AI can automate many aspects of customer support, it’s unlikely to entirely replace human agents. AI excels at handling repetitive tasks and providing quick responses, but human agents bring empathy, creativity, and problem-solving skills that only people possess. The most effective approach is often a combination of AI and human support.

How do businesses ensure the accuracy and effectiveness of AI-powered support systems?

Businesses can ensure the accuracy and effectiveness of AI-powered support systems through continuous monitoring, testing, and refinement. They can collect feedback from customers and human agents to identify areas for improvement and finetune AI algorithms accordingly. 

Is AI-powered customer support secure and compliant with data privacy regulations?

It’s important to choose AI systems that prioritize data security and compliance with data privacy regulations, such as GDPR and CCPA. For example, Lyro by Tidio utilizes Claude, renowned as the most secure large language model available. This way, Lyro ensures safety and ethical usage. It operates solely based on the knowledge extracted from your website and the details you furnish, continually refining its performance with each interaction.

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