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Wulff Beltton Hits 4.5/5 Client Rating After Switching to Tidio

by Beata Stefanowicz·Updated

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tidio vs, competitors

As Wulff Beltton ramped up the digital initiatives and enhanced the website, they’ve noticed a distinct trend among customers—they’re seeking quicker responses and a more personalized experience.

And this is where Tidio came in. 

The retail company’s main goals with Tidio were increasing sales and collecting leads. And the real-time chat feature has proven to eliminate the potential loss of leads, as the chat makes it more convenient for both customers and the support team. 

We are Sweden's largest supplier of phone booths. Given the technical nature of our products, customers often have questions, and Tidio provides a seamless way to capture leads efficiently

Isabelle Wålinder Isovic

Inbound Marketing Specialist at Wulff Beltton

Moreover, the company’s emphasis on automating customer service operations has also boosted efficiency, aligning with the industry trend towards smarter solutions. By using chatbots to answer any initial questions and collect customer information automatically, customer service team can redirect their time towards more impactful tasks.

Tidio not only facilitates smoother customer interactions but also empowers our team to focus on other priorities

Isabelle Wålinder Isovic

Inbound Marketing Specialist at Wulff Beltton

Wulff Beltton improves your workplace

Information about the company

  • Industry: retail
  • Started year: 1993
  • Size: 20 employees
  • Country of origin: Sweden
  • Tidio products/tactics used: chatbots and live chat

Beltton AB is a family-owned company with a vision to improve workplaces. The business specializes in a diverse range of products and services for workspaces, varying from ergonomic office furniture to products for the construction industry. This brand is dedicated to making workplaces more productive, healthy, and enjoyable.

Wulff landing page

The founder’s passion for creating better work environments has been the driving force behind Beltton’s success. Today, the company continues to strive towards the initial vision, constantly evolving with innovative product ranges to meet the ever-changing needs of modern workplaces.

The challenges Beltton faced

After having experiences with various customer service tools in the past, most recently Gorgias, there were several factors why Beltton decided to switch to Tidio.

Firstly, the company had some challenges with Gorgias’s notification system, which wasn’t reliable.

This inconsistency resulted in the potential loss of leads and sales opportunities, a critical issue that affected our overall performance in supplying immediate customer service.

Isabelle Wålinder Isovic

Inbound Marketing Specialist at Wulff Beltton

Secondly, according to Beltton, Gorgias lacked the user-friendly interface that the company needed to make their workflow more efficient.They required something simpler and more direct that the support team could use with ease. The user-friendly interface was crucial for the company to ensure high team efficiency and overall satisfaction with the tool.

Lastly, a significant drawback was Gorgias’ incompatibility with Samsung devices. This was a crucial aspect to Beltton, given the prevalence of such devices among their users. 

The solution to this problem? 

Customer service software provided by Tidio.

Tidio's reliability, user-friendliness, and compatibility made it the better choice for our customer service needs in the company's current situation.

Isabelle Wålinder Isovic

Inbound Marketing Specialist at Wulff Beltton

Two of the key features that Beltton uses are the chatbots and live chat functionality. This helps the company boost lead generation and revenue. 

So, let’s see why Beltton changed from Gorgias to Tidio in more detail.

1. Real-time interactions

Beltton’s customer service waiting times have significantly decreased since using Tidio. This is thanks to the notification functionality which improved across all devices when compared with the tool the company was using previously.

We chose Tidio because it allows us to interact with our customers in real time. This immediate interaction enhances our customer service for website visitors, resulting in increased sales.

Isabelle Wålinder Isovic

Inbound Marketing Specialist at Wulff Beltton

The notification of the Gorgias tool didn’t always work, which meant losing leads and sales. But since switching to Tidio less than 12 months ago, the company already acquired 705 contacts.

switching to Tidio less than 12 months ago, the company already acquired 705 contacts.

2. User-friendly interface

Beltton praised the customization and the overall user experience that Tidio provides. The interface is simple and intuitive which is appreciated by the customer service team. Tasks that used to be complex or time-consuming with other tools have become more effective with Tidio, making it easier for the teams to navigate and utilize the platform efficiently.

Tidio has truly exceeded our expectations when it comes to customization options, particularly in comparison to other customer service tools we've explored.

Isabelle Wålinder Isovic

Inbound Marketing Specialist at Wulff Beltton

Two aspects that Beltton appreciates about Tidio’s customization are the user-friendly interface and the seamless process of building chatbots. Unlike other tools, Tidio has made this remarkably easy, allowing the company to tailor chatbots efficiently to meet their specific needs.

User-friendly interface at Tidio

The improved user experience has had a positive impact on our team's efficiency. With Tidio, our team can handle customer inquiries, manage chatbots, and navigate various features with greater ease.

Isabelle Wålinder Isovic

Inbound Marketing Specialist at Wulff Beltton

The efficiency saves time for each agent but also ensures a smoother workflow, allowing the team to focus on providing excellent customer service rather than struggle with complex interfaces. Overall, Tidio’s user interface and experience have played a pivotal role in optimizing the customer service team’s efficiency.

Moreover, Tidio stood out in terms of flexibility, especially when considering the comparison with tools like Gorgias. The unlimited ticketing feature provided by Tidio has been a game-changer for Beltton, offering a level of scalability and responsiveness that enhances customer service operations. This flexibility helped to streamline some of the processes while also contributing significantly to meeting and exceeding customer expectations.

3. Higher customer satisfaction

Wulff Beltton now has delighted customers who express particular satisfaction with the Tidio service, highlighting the value of saved conversations. Clients appreciate being able to reference previous chats, which added an extra layer of convenience and continuity to the customer experience.

example of how to measure customer satisfaction with tidio

The customer satisfaction rate is an important metric for the retail company as it provides insights into how well shoppers perceive the service during live chat interactions with the team. 

In situations where customers are unsure or wavering in their decisions, the real-time assistance provided through Tidio often proves to be the deciding factor. It helps the business address concerns promptly and in a personalized manner, which strengthens client relationships as well as increases finalized purchases.

In fact, Wulff Beltton AB’s customer service now has a consistent customer satisfaction rating of 4.5/5⭐ from live chat conversations and chatbot automations. Keep in mind, happy customers are a short distance away from becoming loyal customers.

I can confidently say that Tidio has played a crucial role in enhancing customer satisfaction and conversion rates. The personalized touch that Tidio brings to our sales process is invaluable.

Isabelle Wålinder Isovic

Inbound Marketing Specialist at Wulff Beltton

Gaining the benefits from the change

Tidio allows Bellton to offer user-friendly automation features that allow Wulff Beltton to provide quicker responses and enhanced service. It also comes with an intuitive setup process and notification system that surpasses Beltton’s previous experiences, ensuring prompt and reliable information for improved customer service.

Integrating automation into our customer service with Tidio has been transformative

Isabelle Wålinder Isovic

Inbound Marketing Specialist at Wulff Beltton

The customer service tool has also helped the retail company increase sales and decrease shopping cart abandonment. The company implemented a pop-up box that prompts customers to reach out to the customer service team. This helped Beltton enhance the sales process and the overall shopping experience.


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