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ADT Security Service Boosts Sales By 17% Using Tidio

by Beata Stefanowicz·Updated

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Jodi Rell once said:

“At the end of the day, the goals are simple: safety and security.”

ADT Security Service makes sure we feel safe when spending quality time with our loved ones and that our belongings are secure when we’re away from home. But to expand its reach and offer services to a broader audience, the company had to enhance the overall customer service experience.

The main challenge was to improve the response time to support questions, boost customer satisfaction on their website, and increase client retention. With the help of Tidio, the business implemented AI for faster response times, used analytics to understand user behavior, and presented offers in a conversational manner.

Let’s see how they did it.

The security of your home in the palm of your hand

Information about the company

  • Industry: technology
  • Started year: 1874 
  • Size: Presence in 50 countries
  • Country of origin/headquarters: Florida, USA
  • Tidio products/tactics used: chatbot filters and AI features

American District Telegraph (ADT) Security Service started in 1874 with the union of 57 district telegraph companies. This business is part of Johnson Controls, a leading global technology and multi-industrial group that develops diversified activities and serves a wide variety of clients in more than 150 countries. 

ADT has been keeping belongings, assets, businesses, and homes safe around the world for more than a century as the global lead in security systems. People trust them with their most valuable assets, so being there for the clients is very important to ADT.

The challenges ADT Security Service faced

The trends that drove the company to look for a customer service tool included the need for faster response times, improved customer satisfaction, and increased retention. Before Tidio, ADT used a different tool, but it didn’t satisfy their needs. 

The solution to this problem? 

Live chat and chatbots provided by Tidio.

Live chat and chatbots provided by Tidio on ADT website

The company uses AI functionality and chatbot department filters to improve customer service experience and cut costs. In fact, ADT chose Tidio because of the affordable pricing, easy control of the workflows, and chat specialist support.

And now, they’re experiencing the benefits of the Tidio+ plan, such as lowered chat cost, simplified chat workflows, and redesigned automatic responses on the website.

I did web research and an analysis of the best chat tool solution for lead generation and client support, and Tidio seemed like the solution we were looking for

Cristina Verges Martinez

SEO specialist

So, let’s discover different ways in which Tidio helped this company improve.

1. 30% boost in customer satisfaction

With Tidio, ADT Security managed to gain more control over the workflows and the support filters. This has helped the customer service team manage tickets efficiently, increasing overall client satisfaction. 

On top of that, the managers have more insight into the tickets and can ensure the quality of service is kept high during the specialist chats.

During this period, customer feedback revealed a notable 30% improvement in overall client satisfaction.

30% boost in customer satisfaction

2. Increased lead-to-sale conversion rates

Three of the most important metrics ADT Security measures are the number of leads generated, the conversion rate, and the number of conversations handled. 

The brand used Tidio to set up rule-based chatbots and filter conversions to departments in order to collect as well as classify leads more effectively.

rule-based chatbots and filter conversions example

Tidio has helped ADT boost lead generation up to about 30 prospects every week. The company also managed to boost the number of handled conversations by 45% while decreasing the number of missed conversations by 74%.

On top of that, they increased conversions from 44% to 61% using the service tool. Lead-to-sales conversions are crucial to ADT’s business growth, which makes the results stand out even more.

3. 22% decrease in first response time

The average response time of ADT’s customer service was significantly higher than the industry standard. That’s when the managers knew they had to do something about it.

After implementing Tidio, things started looking much brighter. The security company implemented AI chatbots on the website for faster response times and better classification of tickets to specific departments. 

Compared with the last tool we used, we had the time of response down by 1 min

Cristina Verges Martinez

SEO specialist

The company’s average response time decreased by nearly 22% since using Tidio. And they keep working on optimizing the tool and cutting down the time it takes for users to get the answers they need.

Increased lead-to-sale conversion rates

Success is within your reach

Compared with other tools, the onboarding process with Tidio includes complete training of the tool. ADT staff members learned, in detail, about all the options and features they can use with the Tidio chat, how each one works, and the best way to use them. 

The complete training is the first step towards success when it comes to implementing a new platform. 

And success has followed ADT right along. 

The security company improved the efficiency of the workflows between the sales and client support departments. They also gathered the most frequently asked questions and doubts of the users from the chat conversations history. This helped the teams address customers’ pain points more quickly and effectively. On top of that, the A/B testing helped to nurture leads while making sure they became sales opportunities down the line.

In terms of flexibility, with Tidio, I have more specialized attention from the specialist chat, more control over the workflow, and more control over the client support filters.

Cristina Verges Martinez

SEO specialist

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