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Shockbyte Slashes Response Times With Tidio Flows

by Beata Stefanowicz·Updated

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Being innovative and efficient is the best possible combination for providing excellent customer service to your clients. 

And Shockbyte, a game server provider, knew that. 

That’s why the company decided to integrate a live chat platform to its website and other communication channels. 

But not just any provider would do. The founder knew that he needed the software that would grow with his brand. 

And this is where Tidio came into play.

Now—let’s discover a bit more about the company.

Tools for an excellent gaming experience

image of Mitch Smith, founder

Information about the company

  • Industry: Gaming
  • Started year: 2013
  • Size: 98 team members
  • Country of origin/headquarters: Australia
  • Tidio products used: live chat with automated chatbots

So here’s the story—

The founder of Shockbyte, Mitch Smith, is a fan of video games, programming, science and music. 

Mitch started Shockbyte when he was a 15-year-old in high school. He created a Minecraft server that quickly grew to millions of players. Over the years the brand gathered a loyal base of gamers interested in making multiplayer games easier and more reliable. 

Now, let’s see how implementing Tidio to the company’s website helped it grow.

The challenges Shockbyte faced

A simple live chat system wasn’t enough for the fast-growing business. And Shockbyte learned that in order to stay on top of clients’ requests and keep satisfaction levels high, the brand needs to start using customer service automation.

We needed a live chat platform to grow with as we continued to find innovative new ways to provide excellent customer service to our clients.

Mitch Smith

Founder of Shockbyte

The solution to this problem? 

Customer experience tools provided by Tidio.

So, let’s discover, in more detail, how Tidio helped Shockbyte improve the experience of their shoppers.

1. Boost in customer satisfaction

Customers like the change that Shockbyte made on their communication channels. That’s visible through the satisfaction level boost that the brand saw since implementing Tidio.

image of landing page of Shockbyte

In fact, the customer satisfaction increased by 16% within the first few months of using the tool. Moreover, now Shockbyte’s team is able to track the KPIs better using Tidio’s analytics page. The system makes the process easier and more efficient.

Our customer satisfaction saw a healthy 16% increase – this is despite us having some of our busiest months this year

Mitch Smith

Founder of Shockbyte

2. Decreased waiting times

Another area where Tidio helped Shockbyte is the time that customers have to wait for an answer to their questions. The company saw a decrease in the waiting times by as much as 26% since implementing the tool.

In the immediate aftermath of transitioning over the Tidio we saw not only a significant decrease in our average response times.

Mitch Smith

Founder of Shockbyte

example of conversation with Tidio chatbot on Shockbyte website

Chatbots played a big part in achieving that. 

Because of the nature of the support request, many of them are the same type of questions with repeating answers. Chatbots allow the brand to respond to the most commonly asked questions automatically and within seconds. 

3. Assisted sales 

Tidio, especially the Tidio+ plan, has many features that can help to assist sales efforts and Shockbyte decided to take advantage of them.

Which ones did they like best?

The company uses the Visitors tab to easily select potential customers who are on certain product pages. This helps to secure the sale by starting a chat with the visitor and pushing them down the sales funnel.

We are satisfied with the quality of conversations with bots. The flexibility offered by the bots allow us to do a whole variety of different things automatically.

Mitch Smith

Founder of Shockbyte

The chatbots also assist Shockbyte with categorizing chats. This helps the support and sales agents to have as much information as possible when they enter the conversation with the client.

Pricing, features, and UX

Shockbyte shared with us the top reasons that persuaded them to use Tidio. These include:

  • Competitive pricing—more affordable than the majority of competitors for the packet provided
  • Rich features—highly adaptable and expansive automation options 
  • Easy to use UX—intuitive which made the transition from the previous tool quick and simple

Unlike most other customer service platforms, Tidio absolutely does not break the bank – as a result it is affordable for companies of all sizes. Additionally, it has many powerful features.

Mitch Smith

Founder of Shockbyte

One of the most notable features for the company proved to be the automatic chatbot system. This robust and powerful solution assists Shockbyte in sorting incoming chats and providing automatic responses to FAQs. All within a user-friendly and intuitive interface.

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