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Boost your customer satisfaction score by 24%

Drive customer satisfaction with live chat, ticketing, video calls, and multichannel communication - everything you need for great customer service packed in an intuitive help desk software.

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Average CSAT uplift after switching to Tidio


Average ROI for Help Desk users

Trusted by 300,000+ businesses:

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Assist customers on their journeys with live chat

Offer a clear route for customer questions and provide immediate answers through a lightweight live chat widget.

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Simplify work with a help desk ticketing system

Improve your time to resolution and customer satisfaction with a smart ticketing system. Manage, assign, and reply to customers requests in one place.

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CSAT after switching to Tidio

Isabelle Wålinder Isovic

Tidio not only facilitates smoother customer interactions but also empowers our team to focus on other priorities. The improved user experience has had a positive impact on our team's efficiency.

Isabelle Wålinder Isovic

Inbound Marketing Specialist

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Offer support on all your communication channels with one tool

Handle messages from all your communication channels in a single dashboard. Reply to support forms, emails, live chat messages, Instagram, WhatsApp, and Messenger DMs without switching tabs.

Track your support KPIs and act immediately

Get insight in your performance

Get insights into your performance

Understand how the audience interacts with your support system to identify and eliminate bottlenecks.

Solve customers problems on the go

Solve customer problems on the go

Talk to customers and monitor your work from anywhere with dedicated iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows apps.

Connect to your tools and offer better support with Tidio Help Desk

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and more than 120+ tools to integrate

Frequently asked questions

Common questions about Help Desk, answered

Is Tidio Help Desk free?

Many of the features of Tidio Help Desk, such as the live chat, ticketing, video calls, or the multichannel shared inbox, are included in our Free Customer Service plan. However, you can only access our premium features by choosing a paid option.

What plan should I choose for Tidio Help Desk?

Customer Service plans are perfect for Help Desk, but you can create an automated help desk solution by combining them with our Flows and/or Lyro AI plans.

How can help desk software benefit my business?

Help desk software helps you centralize customer inquiries, streamline work, and analyze your support performance. This, in turn, enables you to speed up your response times, increase customer satisfaction, and improve the quality of support you provide.

Is the Tidio Help Desk software suitable for small businesses?

Yes, it is. Tidio offers plans and pricing options tailored to the needs and budgets of small businesses. You can start using the help desk features with the Free Customer Service plan and upgrade to a paid option as your business grows.

Will Tidio Help Desk enable me to create and manage tickets?

Yes. The Help Desk ticketing system allows you to turn emails, forms, and live chat or social media conversations into tickets and route them to your team members. The ticketing system automatically filters incoming tickets, enabling you to react quickly to urgent requests. You can also add tags or notes to the tickets and prioritize them.

Lorenzo Colucci

“We were searching for something that would give us the possibility to use automations as well as human interactions — and Tidio was the best solution for that.”

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Lorenzo Colucci

Co-founder and CMO @ Ad Hoc Atelier

Ad Hoc Atelier
Daniel Reid

“The number one thing that has grown our business is offering that customer service experience the rest of the market has not been able to do.”

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Daniel Reid

Co-founder and CEO @ Suitor

Görkem Öğüt

“We needed the most sustainable and efficient way to manage the traffic and improve customer satisfaction. So we implemented Tidio Flows technology.”

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Görkem Öğüt

CEO & Founding Partner of Endeksa


Boost your customer satisfaction score by 24%

Drive customer satisfaction with an intuitive help desk software.

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