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10 Best WooCommerce Chatbot Plugins in 2024 [Free]

by Kazimierz Rajnerowicz·Updated

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What is your favorite thing about running a store using WooCommerce? Free plugins? Good store themes? Easy configuration?

All of the above are part of the same goal—creating a professional store with minimal effort.

And now you can also add a WooCommerce chatbot that will run your store and handle your customers for you.

That’s mind-blowing!

But which solution is the best?

We checked all ratings, rankings, and reviews to find the best chatbot app for WooCommerce.

Drumroll, please—

The best WooCommerce Chatbots are:

  1. Tidio WooCommerce Chatbot
  2. WoowBot (by QuantumCloud)
  3. Chatbot
  4. Drift Chatbot
  5. ChatBot for WooCommerce
  6. Woo Bot (by WP1)
  7. IBM Watson Assistant
  8. Xatkit Chatbot
  9. ConversioBot
  10. WooSmartBot

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Here’s a quick overview of all WooCommerce chatbots:

RankProviderPros 👍Cons 😕
1TidioAlmost 30 chatbot templatesThe majority of features are ecommerce-oriented
2WoowBotGood product search engineYou have to buy it for at least a year
3Collect.chatSMS featuresOnly 50 free responses
4DriftAdvanced bot editorCostly pricing plans
5ChatBotSmooth integration with LiveChatNo free plan is available
6Woo BotIntagrates with WooCommerce inventoryNo tools for building custom conversation flows
7IBM Watson AssistantAdvanced AI and cloud-computingIt is a third-party plugin—not officially endorsed by IBM
8XatkitNice FAQ featuresLimited customization options
9ConversioBotOne time feeDoesn’t have many users
10WooSmartBotIt is freeThe project is still in the early stages of development

WooCommerce chatbots developed by different companies offer unique functionalities. Let’s examine each solution one by one. 

It’s worth getting acquainted with all of them to decide which set of features would be most suitable for your online store.

1. Tidio Chatbots for WooCommerce

Tidio's widget mockup

Developer: Tidio

Rating: ⭐ 4.8 out of 5 stars (313 reviews)

With over 100,000+ active installations, Tidio is the most popular no-code chatbot solution for WooCommerce and WordPress stores. It has its own live chat widget that you can add to your website and advanced chatbot design features.

Key features:

  • One-click installation for WordPress and WooCommerce stores
  • Out-of-the-box solution with no additional configuration and bot training needed
  • Ecommerce chatbot templates for common customer service scenarios
  • Ecommerce chatbot templates for common customer service scenarios
  • Artificial intelligence and NLP message recognition engine
  • Designing custom conversation flows with a visual bot editor
  • Discount, lead generation, and abandoned cart workflows
  • Integrated CRM features and customer database management
  • Omnichannel chatbots for your website, Instagram, and Messenger
  • Messenger bot for Woocommerce without coding or using Dialogflow
  • Unlimited configuration options through its JavaScript API or Zapier
  • Helpful customer support, many online resources, and tutorials

Tidio is one of the best chatbot options for WooCommerce and you can use it to make chatbots from scratch in a matter of minutes.

Tidio's product recommendation chatbot


  • Free
  • Email marketing ($10/mo) 
  • Starter ($29/mo)
  • Automation ($29/mo)  
  • Growth ($59/mo)
  • Lyro AI ($39/mo)
  • Tidio + (starting from $499/mo)

You can integrate chatbots and your WooCommerce website. All you have to do is find and install a dedicated WordPress plugin from Tidio. The installation process is the same as installing any other WP plugin.

If you need more information you can also read the full instruction in the knowledge base.

Read more: How to Install Tidio on WooCommerce Websites


WooCommerce chatbots powered by Tidio are not the only way to increase your sales and improve customer satisfaction. If you are looking for more apps that are useful for ecommerce, check out our selection of the best WooCommerce plugins.

2. WoowBot

Woowbot's widget mockup

Developer: QuantumCloud

Rating: ⭐ 4.8 out of 5 stars (16 reviews)

This WooCommerce chatbot solution is much less popular. Only 800+ users look pretty suspicious. But there is no need to worry. In fact, WoowBot is the good old WPbot and their combined numbers of installations are much higher. WoowBot just comes in a new “packaging” geared towards WooCommerce users. And there is nothing wrong with good packaging design

Key features:

  • Conversational product search engine
  • Abandoned cart recovery and exit intent triggers
  • Integrated with Google’s natural language processing services (NLP)
  • Popups for informing about special offers and featured products
  • Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp integration available
  • Customizable chat icon and CSS

WoowBot is a great choice for ecommerce stores that want to automate their customer support. It’s worth noticing that about 40% of businesses that use bots employ less than 10 people (in the whole company). Solutions such as WoowBot are designed to take over some of your repetitive tasks and questions about products. This allows your understaffed business to use the saved time for solving more complex issues.

Woowbot Control Panel

Pricing plans:

  • Free. One chatbot template.
  • Paid.  A yearly WoowBot Pro license starts from $33.

Did you know?

Almost 41% of all online stores in 2021 were powered by WooCommerce. You can see how this platform compares to other ecommerce solutions in our guides: WooCommerce vs Magento and WooCommerce vs Shopify.



Rating: ⭐ 4.4 out of 5 stars (28 reviews)

Just as the name suggests, offers plenty of features related to lead generation. If you want to collect your customers’ contact details and phone numbers through a chat window—rather than a popup—it is a viable option. This WooCommerce chatbot also offers many conversation templates for getting more insights about user experiences and collecting customer feedback.

Key features:

  • Lead generation templates and custom surveys for collecting feedback
  • Appointment booking through chatbot conversations
  • Real-time notifications through email and other channels
  • Integration with Google Sheets, Hubspot, FreshDesk, and other CRM tools
  • SMS verification for collected phone numbers is a popular live chat and chatbot solution, not only for WooCommerce stores. For instance, while it doesn’t make the cut as one of the best Shopify live chat apps, it does offer a Shopify integration.

Pricing plans:

  • Free. Limited to 50 chatbot responses.
  • Paid. Different tiers with premium features and more automatic responses starting from $24/mo. Unlimited chatbot responses for $299 per month.

The importance of customer feedback

Getting insights from your visitors, users, and customers is essential for improving your products and processes. Collecting feedback with Tidio is easy and you can learn more about it from examples of chatbot use cases.

4. Drift

Drift's slack integration

Developer: Drift

Rating: ⭐ 4.1 out of 5 stars (10 reviews)

This is another chatbot for WooCommerce that may get some people raising their eyebrows. This plugin hasn’t been tested with the latest 3 major releases of WordPress. And there aren’t too many positive reviews. Sounds shady, right? To be fair, Drift is a very advanced tool and their WordPress plugin page probably does not receive enough love and attention. However, it is among the best free live chat software in general, and not just for stores powered by WordPress.

Key features:

  • Slack integration with real-time notifications
  • Virtual Selling Assistants that use patented AI
  • Lead-qualification tools and booking meetings with customers
  • A/B testing and marketing conversion tracking

Drift describe themselves as a marketing and sales acceleration platform. Their software offers much more than just chatbots but the price tag is also slightly more prohibitive.

Drift's widget mockup

Pricing plans:

  • Free. No custom chatbots—only live chat.
  • Paid. Prices are determined individually after reaching out to representatives. To create custom bots you can expect to pay a triple-digit sum each month.

5. ChatBot for WooCommerce

ChatBot's widget mockup

Developer: ChatBot

Rating: ⭐ 4.6 out of 5 stars (15 reviews)

ChatBot is one of the LiveChat modules. It is sold separately and offers many advanced features. Just like in Drift, these tools create a complex ecosystem that automates all of your marketing activities.

Key features:

  • Visual chatbot flowchart builder 
  • Artificial intelligence and NLP engine
  • API, webhooks, and Zapier integrations
  • Seamless integrations with Messenger and Slack
  • Rich messages including buttons and media
  • Widget customization options

WooCommerce ChatBot is not an all-in-one app. It is a professional solution for experts. We recommend it to medium and large stores that know exactly what they want and are willing to pay for it.

ChatBot chatbot flow

Pricing plans:

  • No freemium plan. But you can test this solution for 14 days without the need to unsubscribe.
  • Paid. The Starter plan with 1 active chatbot, 1000 chatbot responses, and limited AI training options history costs $50 per month.

6. Woo Bot

Woo Bot's widget mockup

Developer: WP1

Extension Requirements: Minimum PHP version: 5.6

Rating: N/A

This WooCommerce chatbot is slightly different from the others. It is a native WooCommerce extension developed by WP1, while the other solutions in this article are WordPress plugins. Woo Bot offers good integration with WooCommerce product inventory, so it is quite useful for product searches. However, there aren’t too many additional features.

Key features:

  • Product search options via the chat window
  • Automatic responses available in your WooCommerce back-end panel
  • Chat icon and popup behavior configuration 

If you need a very simple bot for WooCommerce, this solution may work for you just fine.

Pricing plans:

  • Free. Not available.
  • Paid. $29 per year.

7. IBM Watson Assistant

IBM Watson Assistant's widget mockup

Developer: IBM & Cognitive Class AI

Rating: ⭐ 4.6 out of 5 stars (24 reviews)

This WooCommerce chatbot combines two technologies: IBM’s cloud-based conversational AI and a pre-configured chatbot in the form of a simple chat widget. In other words, you get state-of-the-art technology offered in an easy-to-use format.

Key features:

  • VoIP is available through a simple Twilio integration
  • Customizable chat window and chat icon
  • Resources on building your AI bot

To use this solution you need to create a separate IBM Cloud account and connect it with the widget. IBM Cloud services are free but there are some limits. You may want to upgrade to a higher tier if you want to process many queries from customers.

IBM Watson Assistant panel

Pricing plans:

  • Free. 10,000 API calls (such as messages) per month.
  • Paid. The Plus plan will cost you about $140 per 1,000 active users per month. 

AI chatbots

The global conversation AI market is expected to grow to almost $20 billion by 2026. There are many ways of using artificial intelligence and machine learning in chatbots. You can find out more about them in our guide about the best AI chatbots.

8. Xatkit

Xatkit's widget mockup

Developer: Xatkit

Rating: ⭐ 5 out of 5 stars (2 reviews)

Xatkit is a nice and simple add-on for creating interactive FAQs for online shoppers. And answering questions through a bot gives your users a much better customer experience than contacting a traditional customer support team (or scrolling through pages of a lengthy FAQ). You can also expand its functionality to connect the bot logic with your inventory.

Key features:

  • Custom bot icon and position
  • Order status and cart saver
  • Featured products and product search

This WooCommerce chatbot is quite similar to WoowBot and you can use it as a good alternative, especially if you are interested in features related to searching products. 

Pricing plans:

  • Free. No freemium version but there is a free trial available for a month.
  • Paid. Q&A plan for building basic FAQs starts from $19/month.

9. ConversioBot

Conversiobot's widget mockup

Developer: ConversioBot

Rating: ⭐ N/A

This WooCommerce chatbot is not available in the official WordPress plugin repository. However, it is still easy to install and add to any page on your website. This solution is more rudimentary than the majority of platforms or plugins described above. But it is quite popular nonetheless.

Key features:

  • Add to cart and exit intent discounts
  • Integrates with Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel
  • Multipage option with a single license
  • No monthly payments

If you are not interested in subscription-based solutions, ConversioBot can be a nice training ground. Paying for something one time sounds nice, doesn’t it? On the other hand, there are many free chat widgets that offer bot-related features.

Pricing plans:

  • Free. Not available.
  • Paid. One-time $38 fee to use it without limits.


Bots can increase customer engagement among online shoppers and save abandoned carts. But increasing your conversion rates is just part of making your business thrive. Check out what are some of the essential customer success metrics.

10. WooSmartBot

WooSmartBot's widget mockup

Developer: Jawad Ilyas

Rating: ⭐ N/A

WooSmartBot offers just the bare essentials and is meant to be used as an alternative to your store’s search engine. Digital shoppers and users find bots more engaging because of the novelty effect of this technology. This WooCommerce chatbot talks with shoppers and sends them links to product pages that match their queries. It doesn’t get much simpler than that.

Key features:

  • Custom bot behavior for selected pages
  • Unlimited conversations
  • Editable welcome messages
  • One template
  • Product search

Pricing plans:

  • Free. It is a new project without any premium features and too many users. But you can probably get in touch with its developers to give them some feedback.

Chatbots are not the only apps used by online stores. If you are interested in other useful tools for increasing sales, here are some more WooCommerce plugins compared.

Key takeaway

A good WooCommerce chatbot should be easy to install and offer features related to searching products and customer support. A perfect bot would send relevant messages, product recommendations, and understand your shoppers’ questions.

The most popular and useful chatbot WooCommerce plugins are:

  1. Tidio
  2. WoowBot
  4. Drift
  5. ChatBot
  6. Woo Bot (by WP1)
  7. IBM Watson Assistant
  8. Xatkit
  9. ConversioBot
  10. WooSmartBot

If you want to install the best-rated and most popular option right away, just click below.

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